Baseball Road Trip – Where to go in ’09??

The snow has finally started here in Toronto, and all I can think about is the start of baseball season.
Thumbnail image for Frosty3.jpgTeam schedules have been released so it is time for me to pull out the bright yellow highlighter, and start picking some dates for this years road trip!  Now, living in Toronto, I want to be able to drive to the ballparks, so that gives me about a 10 hour max. one way limit.  I’ve been to Fenway Park (2007), and Wrigley Field (2006) already, and refuse to pay the outrageous ticket prices at the new Yankee Stadium this season.  So this year I was thinking about an Ohio/Pennsylvania combo trip.

The probable destinations include:


Only about 20 hours round trip, so now it’s just a matter of co-ordinating all the schedules and I’m good to go.  The teams will probably all be in the bottom half of the standings, but from what I’ve read, all three ballparks are beautiful.  PNC is always highly rated, but now that my boy Jason Bay is gone, I really don’t know if it’s even worth the trip!!  I’d love to hear from anybody who has been to these parks, and get some input on food, best seats to watch a game (not always most expensive), and anything else that may be usefull to me (hotels, restaurants, nightlife, etc.) Or you can just give me some details about where you plan on going for your road trip this year.  Let’s hear from you guys.



  1. hardballblog

    I have been to PNC Park 3 times. It is great. The field itself is great and the actual stadium is clean and everything is about brand new. I loved it. You should definitely check it out. I will say however that the city of Pittsburgh is very confusing. But the people are very nice and will give you directions if you need them.

    • The Iceman

      Thanks for the tips. Yeah, I’ve heard all the bridges get pretty confusing there, but definately plan on checking it out this season. Just too bad they don’t have a better team. I guess it just means it’ll be easier to get tickets!!

  2. hardballblog

    The most confusing part is the downtown area. It took me and my dad 45 minutes to get to our hotel and we were only like a mile away the whole time. The really cool part is that they close off the Roberto Clemente bridge at night so fans can walk to the game. The bridge takes you right to the park. Yea, the town usually really supports their teams but the Pirates are just really bad. You should be able to get great seats.

    • The Iceman

      Hey Julia, I would love to go back to Fenway…loved it there the first time I went. Just too hard and expensive to get tickets!! I figured I would try something new this year anyways. Guess I’ll have to watch Bay when he come to Toronto!

  3. Kaybee

    Well, I know we’re across the country, but Petco Park is a beautiful stadium. Right on the waterfront, downtown San Diego, gorgeous sunsets, and best of all, NO snow!!! Also, the Padres are lowering tickets prices next year! It would be quite a flight out, though.

    • The Iceman

      Yeah, I’ve heard that Petco was beautiful (what a name though..haha). I think I’d have to tie that one in with a west coast trip (maybe Anaheim, and LA). It sure would be nice to get away from this snow and relax in that gorgeous weather though!! Enjoy it!!

  4. Elizabeth D

    Glad I discovered your blog from featured blog of the week, congrats on being mentioned there by the way. I made a few roadtrips this year myself, but only within state. Skipped a few school days for Spring Training games, and skipped half of a day to go see a Red Sox vs Rays game, got back at 3 in the morning, and took at Geometry test first thing in the morning. It was worth it though. I love seeing new ballparks, I want to do a roadtrip in which I see all of them. It’d take a whole summer though, if even possible.

    • The Iceman

      Hey thanks. It was pretty cool going to the MLBlogs homepage and seeing that I had the featured blog. I’m still pretty new to this stuff. I like your dedication to the game, and would love to live in Florida just for the chance to see some Spring Training games. The choices are endless I’m sure. I thought about the summer baseball park tour as well, but I don’t think my wife or employer would be on the same page as me though..haha. So I get to do a couple every year, and hope that when it’s all said and done, I’ll have my list completed. Happy bloggin’ and enjoy those Red Sox from down there in Florida.

    • The Iceman

      Thanks Mark. I actually had a chance to see my first MiLB game in Buffalo last year. It was on our way home from Boston, and the ballpark was right near the US/Canada border so we decided to stop by and check it out. Beautiful stadium, $10 tickets, and a great game as well. It’s just too bad that there were only about 500 people at the game (mid May, cool evening), and the atmosphere was terrible. I’ll be sure to go again though! I’ll have to check out Dayton and see if I can fit it into the schedule now. Have a great holidays as well!!

  5. welikeroywelikeroy

    Hey Iceman,

    That is an awesome snowman! Sounds like a cool trip. I might be going to Dunedin for spring training again this year, but maybe not. Last year I went to Yankee Stadium on a ‘red eye’ a flight to New York. I had to leave in the 7th inning, so I wouldn’t do that again. Team Canada is looking good, hope Ernie can get them all to play … Your right, baseball seems a long ways away when you look outside.

    • The Iceman

      Thanks. My son didn’t really appreciate us using his Jays cap, but I told it it was time for an upgrade this season anyways. Plus I think Santa will treat him a little better this year as well. I’ve always wanted to go down to Spring Training, and actually thought about trying to tie it in to my March golf trip to Myrtle Beach. Just gotta convince the other guys (not really baseball fans) to drive another 6 hours to check out a game! It’s good that you got the chance to see Yankee Stadium before they left at least. I wanted to but couldn’t fit it into my schedule. Oh well, time to get some rest…lot’s of shoveling again tomorrow!! Go Canada!

  6. Bradley

    I’ll (tentaively) be making the trek to Pittsburgh this year in early June as well and really look forward to seeing a few games. I’ll also be going to Washington DC on a seperate trip.

    Are you planning on just going to MLB parks, or would you stop for a minor league game? I’ve heard that Erie’s Double A stadium is just lovely. Columbus has an AAA team as well that you could check out. I guess that’d be a few extra nights in a hotel, but might be worth it.


    • The Iceman

      I’ve heard great things about Pittsburgh so I’m sure you’ll enjoy it there. Washington should be fun as well…get to check out an Expos game!! I’m thinking of Dayton, Ohio for a minor league game, and maybe stopping in Buffalo on the way home to check out a Bison’s game. Enjoy the trips.

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