Ballpark Foods … the good, bad, and the ugly!!

It’s been a pretty quiet off-season for the Blue Jays, so I thought it would be a good time to reflect on my other baseball passion…the  BALLPARK FOOD!!  What is better then spending a Sunday afternoon at the ballpark, with an ice cold beverage in one hand, and a messy chili/cheese dog in the other? mmmmmmmmmm.  joey_chestnut.jpgI know that most stadiums are now expanding their menus to appeal to the more health conscious fan.  They are now offering items such as salads, wraps, and even vegetarian hot dogs, just to name a few.  I like to think of myself as a pretty healthy eater, but the smell and taste of good ballpark foods is something I can’t resist.
Listed below are a few of my must haves when attending a ball game. (In no particular order)


Living in the Toronto area means that I haven’t had the chance to experience some of the other foods from the ballparks in the United States.  I have had the opportunity to try the Fenway Frank in Boston, and the Footlong Chili/Cheese Dog at Wrigley (notice a trend here?), but the most interesting item had to be the Fried Bologna Sandwich at Coca-Cola Field (formerly Dunn Tire Park) in Buffalo, the home of the Bisons (AAA team of the Indians).  I would love to hear some of your best and worst food experiences, and just what you would like to see at your home ballpark. (WE NEED A B.B.Q. AT THE ROGERS CENTRE!!!)

Happy Eating!



  1. welikeroywelikeroy

    I do miss the ‘ICE COLD BEER’ man. The guy knew how to make an impression on you when you were at the park, that is for sure. From personal experience, not having visited a lot of other park, Comerica in Detroit has some pretty awesome food. I’ve been to Yankee Stadium, Fenway, Tiger Stadium, Jacobs Field, the big ‘O,’ and Shea Stadium.

    The Coney Island hotdog at Comerica is my favorite dog, they also have a Mexican restaurant in the food court that makes deadly nachoes and burritos. After all the beer, the enormous flavoured daquiri’s are enough to send you on your merry way. Comerica is quite fun that way, there is almost too much to do, you miss the game.

  2. juliasrants

    OMG – Fried Bologna Sandwiches! My Nana use to make them for my sister and I when we were little! Now I want one! (And no, I didn’t grow up in Baffalo!) You’ve tried our Fenway Frank. And yes, it will make me sound like a 4 year-old (when I usually sound like at least a 10 year-old) but I LOVE to get ice cream sundaes in the little plastic Red Sox caps!


  3. Bradley

    The food at Dunn Tire Park is amaing and affordable. I’m seriously a big fan of the fried Bologna sandwich (with cheese, peppers, and onions). Beef-on-weck is also a Buffalo favorite. I love going to Bisons games- too bad the Jays didn’t end up putting their AAA team there.

    In St. Catharines, the former home of the Jays A level New York Penn league team, we used to have a Beaver Tails pastry store in the park. Soooooo good.


    • The Iceman

      Hey Bradley, haha, good ol’ fried bologna is better with cheese. I had the beef-on-weck at the HSBC arena in Buffalo..not bad. The Beaver Tails were actually really good. We used to have a portable cart at the SkyDome that sold them years ago, but they were a mess to make. I think they were pretty big in Ottawa as well. Now we get Vegas for the AAA team, which nobody wants, we just kinda got stuck together.

      Hey Julia, I also loved those sundae cups. We used to collect as many teams as possible.

      Thanks for the comments.

  4. Jane Heller

    I recognize that beer vendor!!!! I went to several games at Rogers Centre in ’07 when I was writing my book about the Yankees, and he was such a character! As for food? Can’t recommend anything at Yankee Stadium (I’m hoping the new place will have better eats). But I’ll never stop drooling over Boog’s BBQ at Camden Yards. Yum.


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