Blue Jays – Offseason Fantasy Rankings

Fantasy baseball is back!!  Well almost.  I finally picked up my first fantasy baseball magazine of the 2009 season, SportingNews Fantasy Baseball ’09
mag.jpgNow this is the time of year where I get ready for the fantasy drafts that I partake in every season.  I usually do two types; a standard 5×5 mixed Rotisserie league, and a head-to-head points keeper league.

The main reason for this blog entry though is to voice my concerns for the fantasy leaguers out there, like myself, who prefer to have a couple of players from there favorite team, on their fantasy league teams.  As I’m sure you know by know, I love the Blue Jays, but after checking out the Offseason player rankings at’s fantasy page, I may have to reconsider my draft strategy.  Listed below is the projected starting line-up for the 2009 Toronto Blue Jays, along with their positional fantasy ranking according to and the Fantasy 411 team.  Be sure to check out the fantasy 411 blog here, and listen to their podcast for great fantasy baseball news and updates.


  • Catcher – Rod Barajas (29th)
  • ace.jpgFirst Base – Lyle Overbay (37th)
  • Second Base – Aaron Hill (24th)
  • Third Base – Scott Rolen (27th)
  • Shortstop – Marco Scutaro (36th)
  • Outfield – Alex Rios (17th)
  • Outfield – Vernon Wells (26th)
  • Outfield – Adam Lind (58th)
  • Starting Pitcher – Roy Halladay (5th)
  • Starting Pitcher – Jesse Litsch (89th)
  • Starting Pitcher – David Purcey (94th)
  • Starting Pitcher – Dustin McGowan (134th)
  • Relief Pitcher – B.J. Ryan (13th)
  • Relief Pitcher – Scott Downs (62nd)
  • Relief Pitcher – Jeremy Accardo (81st)
  • Relief Pitcher – Jesse Carlson (97th)
  • Prospects – Travis Snider OF (3rd)
  • Prospects – Brett Cecil SP (23rd)



Wow.  Besides Halladay and possibly Rios, I can’t think of anybody that I would want on my fantasy team. Snider and/or Cecil may also be pretty good pick-ups in a long term keeper league. Now that doesn’t mean we don’t have some good players on the team, but there has to be a fine line between picking players with your heart, or your head, when it comes to fantasy.  Why couldn’t I be a Yankees fan??  OK, just kidding of course!!!




    • The Iceman

      Thanks a lot Julia!! I’ll take jason Bay, he is a Canadian boy, which is the next best thing to being a Blue Jay.

    • The Iceman

      From what I remember it was Santana, Sabathia, Lincecum, Webb, and then Halladay. Hard to argue in a fantasy format, but I’d take Halladay on my team any day.

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